Automated Facebook & Instagram Posts

Fully Automate Your Social Posts for £45pm

Time Saver. Game Changer.

Advertising your stock to potential buyers in the places they spend their free time is a strategy that has seen used car dealerships flourish. Considering the cost effectiveness of using these platforms and the potential returns makes Facebook & Instagram fantastic sources of leads... for little financial investment.

AutoVici MySocial will save you hours every week by automating your vehicle posts on both Facebook & Instagram. No more laborious uploads and lost hours every week. Automatically post your stock by simply flicking a single switch!

  • Automatically post when adding a new vehicle
  • Automatically post vehicles daily, weekly & monthly
  • Update your customers with regular stock summary updates
  • Regularly update your audience on other services you provide

Stand out from the crowd

Fully customise your automated posts with your own image and text templates! Nice!

Automated Vehicle Posts

Claim back all the time you spend repetitively posting new and old stock to your Facebook Page and Instagram Account. At the flick of a switch you can automate these posts to go out as frequently as you like. Easily customise the scheduler to determine how often you post. Whether it be multiple times per day or a couple of times a week, our automated Facebook posts have you covered.

  • Setup in under 5 minutes
  • Save hours every month
  • Customisable templates
  • Configurable scheduling

Stock Summary Posts

Creating rich stock summaries to target potential customers is an extremely time consuming and reptitive task.

Luckily, our social media tool can automatically do this for you. Just flick a switch, customise the schedule and you're all set!

Now you'll be posting frequent updates to your Facebook & Instagram audiences by providing a summary of all the vehicles you currently have in stock.

Included will be an image of every car you have in stock accompanied by a custom formatted vehicle list.

  • Save hours of manual post creation
  • Custom templates to your exact liking
  • Rich image and text based posts
  • Introduce more varied content to your page

Repeating Posts

Increase awareness of your business offering while creating more varied content for your audience on Facebook using our Repeating Posts feature.

Used car buyers are interested in more than just your vehicles so why not let them know about all the various services you offer or business information?

Our repeating posts feature allows you to simply compose a message containing text, images or video and put it on a repeating schedule.

So if you offer finance, warranty or servicing etc simply write a message once and post it to your audience every few weeks or months. Easy!

  • Save hours rewriting and posting the same content
  • Expand your social media post content
  • Repeat both vehicle and custom posts
  • Text, image & video posts supported

Post On Demand

Need to post a vehicle, video, photo or text based update? We've also got that covered. On demand posts can be posted when it suits you. Whether it be when you upload a vehicle, next week or right away we have you covered.

  • Post vehicles upon upload
  • Post vehicles, images, videos or text
  • Schedule posts for when you're not around
  • Post on demand, when you need

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What You Get

Save time & money. Just how you like it


Starting at £45 per month

  • Post on-demand
  • Regular automated posting of vehicles
  • Scheduled posting
  • Repeating vehicle and dealership posts
  • Fully customisable templates
  • Custom links to your Carlover website

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up my automated posts?

It only takes a few minutes to set up automated posts on our stock publisher. Simply connect your Facebook Page and select how you want to post your vehicles. It's that simple!

Can I customise the posts to match my existing posts?

Yes. You can customise the posts with whatever text content you like. This includes emoji support so you can tweak until it matches your exact requirements.

Can I create a custom schedule in which to send my automated posts?

Yes. We have a flexible scheduler that allows you to select how many cars you want to post and how often. Our reccomendation is that you post at least one vehicle per day and top this off with non-vehicle posts (such as servicing, warranty, finance information etc).

Can I post vehicle videos via your automated posting tool?

Yes. Simply include a YouTube URL when uploading your vehicles and if that vehicle is selected for an auto-post the video will be included.

Is there a limit to how many posts I send to my dealer Facebook Page?

No. We do not limit the number of times you can post or the number of vehicles.

Can I post content other than vehicles on a regular basis?

Yes. You can post on-demand, repeating or scheduled posts for certain calendar events. For these types of posts you can post image or video content with accompanying text.

This is a great way to vary the content published to your Facebook Page while informing your customers of the additional services you can offer them. For example, servicing, MOT, warranty, finance etc.

Can I add a link back to the vehicle on my website when using the auto post tool?

Yes. If you are a Carlover website customer a link to the corresponding vehicle will be automatically added to the post. If you are not a Carlover website customer then you can edit the template used and add a link to the hompepage of your website.