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Advertise everywhere with a single upload for FREE

Goodbye Repetitive Uploads

Is your time being consumed with repetitive vehicle uploads? Thought so. That's why we’ve built the easiest-to-use stock publisher that can automatically send your vehicles to all the places you advertise, all at the flick of a single switch. Upload once and we'll take care of the rest. It really is that easy.

  • Free VRM lookups
  • Free specs & options data
  • Super fast image uploader
  • Unlimited images
  • Video supported

Publish Everywhere

Save a huge amount of time and automatically publish your stock to all the various classifieds and portals you advertise on.

Time is money and no-one likes the repetitive task of uploading and managing the same vehicles across multiple platforms. That's where our stock publisher comes in. Upload once, select which channels you want to publish to and the rest is taken care of. Easy!

  • Publish to multiple classifieds and portals
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Upload via your mobile device
  • Feature rich including valuations & history checks

Facebook Catalog

If you currently advertise on Facebook then you may have struggled to get a constantly updated vehicle catalog to run your sponsored ads. As part of your MyPublisher subscription, you'll be given access to a Facebook vehicle catalog that is always up-to-date.

This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend on Facebook manually adding vehicles and preparing your ads.

  • Daily updates to your vehicle catalog
  • Create dynamic Facebook ads using your catalog
  • Included at no extra cost!

Bespoke Stock Feeds

We're stock feed experts. So if you need a bespoke feed created for a website or platform that we don't publish to as standard, we can help.

For a small additonal monthly fee our bespoke feeds can be configured within 24hrs and formatted in the industry standard DMS-14 format.

  • DMS-14 or other formats
  • Feeds online within 24hrs
  • Update interval configurable

Vehicle Checks & Valuations

Comprehensive vehicle check data is right at your fingertips. Feel safe in the knowledge that we use multiple providers to run vehicle checks, giving the choice to use what works best for your dealership.

All under one roof, you have the option to run valuations on Glass's Guide and/or CAP. For vehicle history checks, we can provide comprehension reports from HPI and/or VDI.

  • CAP and Glass's Guide vehicle valuations
  • HPI and VDI vehicle history checks
  • Easy-to-use, beatiful reports and very cost effective

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What You Get

Easy-to-use & super fast uploads. Just how you like it


Get started for FREE

  • Free VRM lookups
  • Free specs & options
  • Publish to multiple channels
  • Facebook vehicle catalog
  • Super-fast uploader
  • Unlimited photos
  • Video supported
  • CAP & HPI Vehicle Checks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload via a mobile device?

Yes. Our stock publisher is fully responsive meaning it's as easy to use on your mobile phone or tablet as it is on desktop!

Do I have to pay extra for VRM, Specs & Options?

No. We like to keep things simply and don't have any hidden charges. Not only do you get free VRM lookups but you also get specs and options data also.

Does your stock publisher provide feeds?

Yes. Our stock publisher is connected with many of the leading advertising marketplaces throughout the UK. We can also cater for bespoke stock feeds if you're publishing to a bespoke channel.

We also support inbound feeds from various other apps and websites so if you have an existing DMS provider and still want to use our services, we can easily faciliate you.

For a full list of feeds, please contact our team.

Can you provide a stock feed catalog for Facebook advertising?

Yes. We can provide a full vehicle catalog that updates daily for your Facebook advertising campaigns. This feature is included at no extra cost in when you subscribe to MyPublisher.