Exciting News MyDealer is Rebranding as AutoVici!

AutoVici by Carlover

Today we have an exciting announcement to share with you in regard to some big changes happening here at Carlover – MyDealer is becoming AutoVici!

Like many businesses across Northern Ireland, COVID-19 presented many challenges for us. That said, we see ourselves at the forefront of agile business and software development, building automotive products that solve real-world problems for our customers no matter the circumstances.

The challenges of the pandemic alongside your ongoing feedback and changing market conditions drove us to re-assess and adjust our roadmap plans, all with the objective of providing you with an even better service.

One major development identified was the future of our stock publishing platform, MyDealer.

Originally designed as a vehicle uploader for our Carlover.co.uk website, MyDealer has gone from strength to strength, evolving into a fully-fledged stock publisher and a dealer website solution.

With the substantial uptake and positive feedback, we made the decision to further invest in the development of this platform with the goal of providing the best, most cost-effective tools for stock publishing, social media and websites for used car dealerships. You may already have noticed numerous major developments including our stock feed capability, social media integrations, personalisation, automation, and improvements to our dealer websites.

After much deliberation and many late nights from the team, we are excited to announce that we will be separating MyDealer as a standalone stock publisher.

So, on 1st July 2021, MyDealer will officially become AutoVici!

AutoVici is still very much part of the Carlover family and always will be. This separation allows us to grow and evolve AutoVici in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. We are evolving the product continuously. This change will allow us to fast-track our roadmap ensuring you’ll always have access to the very best stock publishing tools and websites in the industry.

You can keep up-to-date via our brand-new AutoVici website and social media accounts listed below. Please give us a follow and like as your continued support means a lot to us.

How do the new AutoVici changes affect you?

As of 1st July, you’ll sign in under a new URL. Don’t worry, we’ll make this switchover seamless, so you won’t experience any downtime. We’ll follow up closer to the time to keep you informed.

Your subscription won’t change either. You will still get all of the existing and new functionality under your current plan!

Now is a perfect time to mention that we are still fully committed and actively growing our Carlover.co.uk website. We’ve also been busy making big changes and are almost ready to share our future plans for Carlover with you over the coming weeks and months. You may have even noticed some recent updates on the website ahead of this equally exciting announcement.

Again, your continued support means a lot to us, and we look forward to hearing any feedback you may have. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards
Dave Henderson & John Loughrey
Co-founders of Carlover / AutoVici

David is one of the Co-founders at Carlover. He has an extensive background as a product designer & manager, spending the last 5 years leading teams in designing and building apps for multiple industries. He is a self confessed car fanatic and a lover of all things tech. When he's not working on the amazing set of Carlover products, you can usually find him working on his own cars!