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Automotive Websites – The key features of a car dealer website

In the modern day a website for any type of business is an essential tool to attract attention and built confidence around your products.

Car dealership websites not only need to build confidence in the vehicles for sale but also need to guide the user to enquire and buy a vehicle. As a dealership your website should be at the centre of your marketing effort, but this means nothing if your website is outdated and old, as this is only going to put potential customers off choosing your dealership for their next vehicle purchase.

Below we have listed a number of key features all car dealer websites should have. At AutoVici, we cover all of these key features and much more. If you are interested in having the best car dealer website on the market then click here for more information.

Responsive website design

One of the most important features of any website in current times is responsive design. Approximately 85% of potential clients will visit a car dealer website on their mobile device making it essential that your website functions and is displayed perfectly on all phones and tablets. Not only will this help guide any potential customers through the website across mobile, tablet and desktop devices but Google now actively punishes sites that are not build responsively.  Your ranking on Google can be the difference between a potential customer clicking on your website or a competitors.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an essential feature of any website enabling potential customers to quickly send an enquiry to your dealership. These forms should be positioned across any areas where a user may want to send you a message. An absolute must is on a vehicle detail page as when a potential customer is researching a vehicle they can quickly and easily send through any questions they may have opening an opportunity for sale.

Contact Phone Number

Potential customers vary in the way they like to contact businesses with regards to their products. Some people like to just lift the phone while others feel more comfortable submitting a form. Either way having both methods on your website are essential to give users the option. Contact phone numbers should be positioned on every page of your website to have the greatest impact.

Location / Address

Having your location on your website is very important as some potential customers like to know were a car dealership is located in reference to were they live. If a potential customer is browsing your website and finds a vehicle they are interested in they may want to visit the dealership to look at the vehicle and take a possible test drive. A full address is essential and we recommend having this on most pages. A map showing the location of your dealership is also important so potential customers can find you.

Opening Times

Another important piece of information to have on your website is opening times. This allows any potential customers to find all the information they need to make the decision on whether to contact or visit your dealership. Once again we recommend having this information on all pages of the website so the potential customer does not need to go looking for this.

Relevant Vehicle Descriptions

Each vehicle displayed on your website should have as much information as possible so any potential customers can determine whether this is a vehicle they may be interested in. The more information a potential customer has then the more likely they are to contact or visit a dealership forecourt to get a proper look at the vehicle.

Well presented vehicle images

Pictures of a vehicle are absolutely key to selling a vehicle to a potential customer. Potential customers will base whether they are interested or not in a dealerships vehicle from the photos they can see on your website. We recommend that a dealership should upload multiple well presented images detailing all angles of a vehicle including internal and external photographs. We recommend that photographs should be clutter free and display only the vehicle being represented. On AutoVici, we are happy to give any advice on how vehicle images should be set up and we allow uploading of unlimited photos per vehicle allowing a dealership to display as many angles of a vehicle as possible. To view more information on taking the best vehicle images click here.

SEO Content

SEO is massively important to allow search engines to find information on your site. To improve search-ability and rankings on search engines it is important to have as much relevant information on your website as possible including your business name, location and services that your dealership provides.

As part of every website we at AutoVici add all relevant tags and keywords to a car dealer website and all meta data required for search engines to find pages throughout the website. We also add as much information as possible to these tags including manufacturers, models, location etc so search engines can pick up your website in search results based of these.

These are just some of the many functions we perform to optimise a websites rankings across all search engines.

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